Humboldt Folklife Festival 2013

Humboldt Folklife Festival 2012

Chuck Johnson captured the heart and soul of our local folklife scene.  Check out more of his work here & on  facebook.

Humboldt loves to square dance! Many thanks to guest caller Gabe Strade and our local stringband, Striped Pig Stringband.

 Songwriter's night Finale

Many thanks to Bob Doran for capuring so many moments greatness! Check out more of his videos here.

Jaese Lecuyer:

Marc Jaffares:

John Ludington:

Andrew Goff:

Jazz Night 2012

Coconini Trio

Randles, Wu & LaBolle

Country & Bluegrass Night

Absynth Quintet:

Like them? Visit their website & like the on facebook.

Huckleberry Flint:

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 A couple from the all day free fest:

The Touble. Visit their website & facebook page.


Take a load off with Mo'Betta


Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers

The No Good Redwood Ramblers: